Divorce is scary; for everyone. It’s an inherently stressful situation but it’s one you can make it through. In this blog, I’m going to talk about some of the common issues that come up and try to give you some general information. If you are considering getting a divorce, I strongly recommend you contact a divorce lawyer. Whether it’s this firm, or someone else, it’s always best to seek legal advice, and the best time to get advice is before you do something.

Getting a divorce

You can obtain a divorce in Louisiana so long as you, or your spouse, are domiciled in Louisiana. Assuming one of you are domiciled here, the initial question will whether your marriage is a covenant marriage or not. Covenant marriages have their own set of rules and will be discussed in separate blog entries. If you do not have a covenant marriage (check your marriage license if you are uncertain) then Louisiana is, generally, a “no-fault” state. For the most part that means that while there do still remain some fault grounds for obtaining a divorce (the common example being adultery) divorce can be obtained by remaining separate and apart, without reconciling, for the necessary period of time.

The time period depends on whether you and your spouse have minor children. If you have minor children, the time period is 365 days. If you don’t have minor children, it is 180 days.

This blog is not a substitute for legal advice. Should you need some, please contact me and I will be happy to schedule an appointment.

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