We have talked about getting a divorce in Louisiana and the divorce procedure but what about fault?

Now, I mentioned above you don’t have to prove fault to obtain a divorce. That’s true, but there are still some fault grounds to obtain a divorce, regardless of whether you have been separated. Those grounds are as follows:

1. Adultery;

2. Your spouse has committed a felony and been sentenced to death or imprisonment at hard labor;

3. Your spouse has physically or sexually abused you, your child, or your spouse’s

4. After a hearing, or by consent, you obtained a protective order against your spouse child; to protect you, your child, or your spouse’s child, from abuse;

If any of those grounds exist, you can seek and obtain a divorce without having to wait the applicable 180 or 365 days. I hope this information proves useful. As this blog proceeds, I’ll discuss other issues that commonly arise in the context of a divorce, such as child custody, support issues, community property, and other matters. This blog is not, however, a substitute for legal advice. Should you need some, please contact me and I will be happy to schedule an appointment.

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