General Civil Litigation

Disputes, regrettably, often arise. Resolving those disputes is what we do. “Civil litigation” refers, essentially, to lawsuits between private persons (as opposed to, for example, criminal disputes). Such lawsuits and disputes can cover any number of areas. The following are some of the areas we handle:

Open Account Litigation

Businesses often provide goods or services on credit. When a balance is outstanding and hasn’t been paid, disputes arise, and are often followed by lawsuits. Hoyt and Stanford is experienced in both filing suits on open account, and in defending them.

Contract Disputes and Litigation

Contracts are nothing more than agreements. Unfortunately, it is exceedingly common that the parties to a contract often disagree as to their respective rights or obligations. Equally common, one party feels the other has failed to meet their obligations. Such disagreements often result in disputes and resulting litigation. Hoyt and Stanford has experience both in drafting such contracts and in representing parties in disputes that might arise.

Property Partitions and Disputes

Property disputes can take many forms. One form of property disputes arises when people co-own property. In Louisiana, a person cannot be forced to co-own property with another. When someone no longer wants to co-own property, the options are: for one co-owner to buy the other co-owner out of his/her interest in the property or to partition the property.

When property is “partitioned”, the property may be (1) sold in a private sale, (2) sold at a Sheriff’s Sale, or (3) divided equally among the parties if possible. Depending on the property, perhaps it can be literally divided, or perhaps the only solution is to sell the property and split the proceeds. For example: a tract of land can likely be literally divided but a house cannot be divided.

Other forms of property disputes include boundary disagreements between adjoining landowners and arguments over building restrictions. In any event, Hoyt and Stanford is prepared to offer our assistance in helping you resolve your property dispute.