Succession Disputes and Litigation

In the course of completing a succession (also known as probate), various issues can arise regardless of whether the deceased died testate (with a Last Will and Testament) or intestate (without a Last Will and Testament). When a person dies testate some issues can arise including whether there is a Last Will and Testament, whether the Last Will and Testament is valid, and whether the deceased had the capacity to make a Last Will and Testament.

When a person dies intestate some issues that can arise include whether the deceased had a forced heir and who the heirs of the deceased are.

Regardless of whether a person dies intestate or testate, a myriad of issues can arise with managing the estate and making sure the debts of the deceased are paid.

The process can seem daunting, but Hoyt and Stanford are experienced, capable, and more than ready to help you with the succession of your loved one.

Ted W. Hoyt practices in Succession Disputes and Litigation.