Spousal Support Lawyer

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What used to be called “alimony” is now referred to as “spousal support”. In Louisiana, there are two kinds of support at issue–“interim spousal support” and “final periodic spousal support”.

Interim spousal support is the support that may be owed during a separation, while a divorce is pending. Unlike final spousal support, as will be addressed below, fault isn’t an issue. The purpose is to maintain the status quo between the parties. It typically terminates at the judgment of divorce, but under certain circumstances, it can be extended beyond that date.

By contrast, final support is typically that which is owed after a divorce is granted. The standard is different than that of interim support. Further, unlike interim support, fault can be an issue. Under Louisiana law, a spouse who is not free from fault prior to the filing of a petition for divorce isn’t entitled to financial support.

For anyone going through a divorce, among the many questions that may be asked, one would obviously be “am I entitled to financial support” or, perhaps, “am I obligated to pay”. The short answer, is “it depends”. As with most of these issues, the facts often determine the outcome. In the case of spousal support, the facts most important relate to the needs of the parties, and their means–particularly their income.

We can assist you with these issues. We can help you determine whether you have a claim, or an obligation, and what to do about it.

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