Successions (Probate) and Estate Administration

When a person dies in Louisiana, successions must generally occur. A succession, also known as probate, is the process of resolving the affairs of the estate of the deceased and transferring the title of the deceased’s property to the deceased’s heirs.

Sometimes a person dies with a Last Will and Testament (“testate”), and sometimes a person dies without a Last Will and Testament (“intestate”). When a person dies testate, the Last Will and Testament must be declared legal and valid by the court, and the terms of the Last Will and Testament must be carried out. When a person dies intestate, Louisiana inheritance law will govern who inherits the deceased’s estate.

A succession may take weeks or a succession may take years. Regardless of how long the succession takes, succession can be a difficult process in an already difficult time for the family of the deceased.

The attorneys at Hoyt and Stanford are experienced in handling successions. Our firm is aware of the challenges loved ones face in a succession, and we are to help make the process as simple and painless for the family of the deceased.

Ted W. Hoyt specializes in Succession (Probate) and Estate Administration.

Also, issues get involved as to where assets were left out of the estate or were liabilities improperly included. Estate planning is a difficult section of the law that requires a lot of experience to make sure your estate is taken care of.